I’m Worried That Animals Can Spread COVID, What Should I Do?

Can Animals Spread COVID? Doctor Explains your next steps.

It’s in the news: Many people are still worried that their pets and animals can spread COVID. Or, even worse, their pets could spread the disease to humans.

So, what’s going on?

The Expert Opinion: Dr. Puja had this to say-- “New science is out. And it basically shows that perhaps one reason why animals don’t seem to be that contagious with COVID is that their bodies have a natural ability that prevents the COVID infection from binding to their cells.

This means that the virus can’t get inside the animal’s cells easily. So the good news, so far, has been that animals are less vulnerable to COVID.

The bad news here is this: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) does like to mutate! We still aren’t out of the water. And unfortunately, the virus may suddenly mutate and our animals also may become contagious with COVID.

They could even transmit it to us, and nobody wants that!

One way to prevent that is for you to go get vaccinated today.”

What to do next: Get vaccinated for COVID. And, if you haven’t it’s time to talk about getting that booster shot as well.

Primary Source: CDC

Secondary Source: Fortune

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